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Attribute Points: 15

Quality Points: 10

Drawback Points: up to 10

Skill Points: 15

Drama Points: 20



Attribute Points: 20

Quality Points: 20

Drawback Points: up to 10

Skill Points: 20

Drama Points: 10




Attribute Points: 25

Quality Points: 25

Drawback Points: up to 10

Skill Points: 40

Drama Points: 20





Universal Knowledge



The character’s understanding of the universe transcends time and space. As a result, the character doesn’t suffer the usual penalties with trying to understand histories and cultures, or use technologies, from outside the characters point of origin in space and time. In other words, a character with Universal Knowledge would understand alien, primitive, or futuristic technology and culture as well as his own. In game terms, this means the character never receives Time and Space modifiers for any skill use (See Time and Space Modifiers in the Rules section).





The character doesn’t remember his or her past. Worse, people show up who do remember the character and things he or she has done. When a character takes this Drawback, it is essentially a license for the GM to write the history and background of the character.

This drawback is worth 4 points if the character’s entire history is lost. It’s worth 2 points if only part of his or her past is missing, (like, a couple of years) or if the character has no memory surrounding a significant event (like, the day everyone in your town but you disappeared).





The Armament Quality allows a character to posses a weapon or armor. In order to acquire a weapon or armor, first determine the number of Gadget Slots the item would fill (See the Gadget rules from Pulp Zombies). Your character must then pay 2 Quality points for each slot. This procedure is just to determine the Quality Point cost of the item. Armament is essentially just for weapons and armor. In order for your character to have gadgets, they need to be acquired from a gadgetmaster.


Time Lord



Includes –

• Age: 2 levels

• Resistance to Paranormal: 1 level

• + 2 to all Mental Attributes (These bonuses can raise the Time Lord’s attributes above the human maximum of six)

• +1 to Alien Data

• +1 to TARDIS

• +1 to Gadgetmaster

• Telepathic Sensitivity: Time Lords are slightly psychic. They don’t have any inherently psychic abilities. However they are more likely to receive psychic transmissions, and are likely to recognize psychic activity when they encounter it. This is mostly something that the GM will inform the player of since this sensitivity is more of a passive ability. However, once a character knows that there is psychic activity in the area the GM may allow the character a perception roll to notice specific details, such as where is the activity coming form, who or what is causing this activity, or just how powerful is the activity. Also, Time Lords are also supposed to be able to sense each other’s presence; however a Time Lord who doesn’t want to be detected can block this as well, with a Resisted Perception vs. Will roll.

• Temporal Sensitivity: Can sense anomalies in time; can sense time’s natural flow or errors in the natural flow on a perception roll. One could use a perception roll to detect being trapped in a time loop, or to sense the timing of giant rotator fan blades, or anything that you can convince the GM is appropriate.

• Universal Knowledge.

• Must Obey Laws of Time



A Timelord must:

• Never interfere in one’s own time line,

• Never interfere in the natural unfolding of events in the time line. (This includes not using time travel to prevent someone’s death or to kill someone who creates a significant event in the future.)

• Never use knowledge of future or past events for one’s own profit.

• Respect all sentient life.*

• Always use diplomacy, intelligence, and imagination to resolve all conflicts and use force only as a last resort.

• Never carry weapons – to do such indicates hostile intent and as such violates the previous law.*2

• Discourage anyone with whom you travel from willingly breaking these laws.


There are two possible consequences for breaking these laws. First, there are Drama Point consequences and then there are story consequences. The degree and kind of consequence depends upon how bad the violation was. This is determined by the game master.

For light violations the GM may just dock the character one drama point. For more serious errors two to three points may be docked. Serious and intentional violations may cause the GM to dock the character 5 or more points. And grievous, intentional breaking of these laws done can warrant a penalty of being stripped of all Drama Points (Why do you think The Master always loses?).

However some crimes have far more consequences than just the loss of Drama Points. It may seem appropriate to have something in the storyline of the game create conflict for or inflict damage upon the characters. For example, if a character has done something that creates a significant paradox then the characters may be stuck in a time loop that can only be undone when the paradox is resolved. Or the Reapers, creatures from beyond space and time meant destroy any violators to the structure of time, may show up, devouring everything in sight.

*-Ironically, this can on occasion mean the Time Lord might have to make the hard choice of using force, sometimes lethal force, if it is the only way to protect sentient life.

*2-Just so you know, this law doesn't mean a Time Lord can't use weapons, just not be regularly packing a sidearm.










Altered Skills

“Acrobatics” and “Sports” combined as “Athletics”

“Getting Medieval” renamed “Swashbuckling”

“Gun Fu” renamed “Marksman”

“Kung Fu” renamed “Pugilist”

“Occultism” renamed “Alien Data” and does for aliens what Occultism did for supernatural beings


New Skills

Piloting – how to fly planes and space craft

TARDIS – how to do anything with the TARDIS, including piloting, repairing, or whatever special stunts


Skills Not Used

Languages – because, due to the special feature built into the TARDIS, everyone understands and speaks every language already.


Possible Wild Cards


Escape Artist


Slight of Hand

Specific Historical Time periods, i.e. Imperial Rome

Knowledge of specific species, i.e. Sontaran Reproduction Technology

(NOTE: these last two examples of Wild Card skills are exempt from Time and Space Modifiers because they assume the character’s detailed knowledge of that specific subject.)


Here's the Doctor Who character sheet for Cinematic Unisystem as a Word file: http://drwhouni.pbwiki.com/f/DRWHOSheet2.DOC

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