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Bokk ("The Daemons")


Celestial Toymaker



Next to the Daleks, the Cybermen might be the most feared threat in the galaxy. All the more frightening is the fact that under their cold, calculating personalities and their metal exteriors lies what used to be a human being.

Desended from human stock, the Cybermen are from the planet Mondas, a twin of Earth. The approach of a rogue asteroid disrupted the gravitational bond between the two and sent Mondas drifting into space. The asteriod became our moon. Threatened with extinction, the humans of Mondas adapted their technology to replace their body parts. Soon nearly all traces of ther humanity was gone, replaced by beings of pure logic whose sole purpose was survival.

Humans have always served as a special interest to Cybermen, as they make excellent Cybermen stock.

The only other planet to be targetted by the Cybermen above Earth was Voga, the legendary planet of gold. Gold always posed a problem for Cybermen. Gold dust is fatal to them if blown into their lung mechanics.






Drashigs - Carnival of Monsters (3rd Doctor)

They are giant hairy caterpillar-type creatures who hunt by scent. They ate a battle transporter on their home planet, killing everyone aboard. They are described as "gnashing, snapping and tearing" at each other.


The Doctor scares away the Drashigs by igniting marsh gas with his Sonic Screwdriver, and he and Jo are able to escape.


Fishpeople - The Underwater Menace (2nd Doctor)

They are humans who were surgically altered by the Atlanteans to use gills to breathe under water. They are forced to act as slaves and produce food in the underwater farms.


Polly is about to be operated on to be made into a fishperson when she is rescued just in time.


The Gelth - The Unquiet Dead (9th Doctor)

An intelligent race from the far side of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Gelth were nearly wiped out during the great Time War between the Gallifreyans and Daleks. They managed to survive as ghostly spectres in a parallel dimension, where they attempted to break into Earth in the 19th century before being stopped by Rose Tyler and the Doctor. The Gelth can only survive inside Human corpses, and appear to be able to inhabit gases (such as natural gas) for a short period of time. They can only enter our dimension where there is a rift in the space-time continuum. One such rift exists in Cardiff, Wales.


Ice Warriors

The inhabitants of Mars are a feudal, warrior race, with the slimmer Ice Lords ruling over the rank and file Warriors. These are in turn ruled by the Grand Marshal. Masters of sonic based weapons, they have attempted to leave their dying home and conquer Earth on two occasions. Driven away by human expansion into space, they settled on a new world near Arcturus. By the 3000's, they had become more peaceful and enjoyed full membership in the Galactic Federation, although certain rebellious factions joined forces with Galaxy 5 during its attack on the Federation. Although clearly reptilian, the Warriors are most at home in cold climates and warmer temperatures cause them to become lethargic and eventually collapse. Their technology is based around the mineral trisilicate, which used to be found in abundance on Mars and can now be found on the planet of Peladon.



Intelligent plants.


Marshman ("Full Circle")


The Meddling Monk


Moxx of Balhoon


The Nestene Consciousness

The Consciousness has reportedly been conquering worlds for "a thousand million years". Usually their invasions centre around the Autons, plastic mannequins which the disembodied Nestene infuse with their energy to animate, these being created by a native of the planet being targetted under the mental domination of the Nestene. The Autons are split into the Replicas, identical duplicates of existing people whom the Nestene wish to replace to further their goals, and the base Auton, a mannequin whose right arm contains a weapon firing bolts of (psionic?) energy used as the troops for the invasion. During a short lived alliance with the Master, more imaginative uses for the Nestene's powers were shown (strangling telephone cables, flowers spitting a plastic film over their victims face to suffocate them). As a result of the Time War, it appears that the Nestene can no longer survive as energy beings and must remain as entities of "living plastic".





The sometimes servants of the Daleks, the Ogron combine military style disipline, brute strength and brutish dull intellect to a deadly purpose. Encounted manytimes by the Third Doctor, the Daleks later gave up use of this servitor race and procedded in normal Dalek fashion to wipe them out. The few remaining now roam the galaxy acting as mercenaries.


Name: Ogron

Motivation: Serve a more powerful master

Creature Type: Humanoid alien

Attributes: Strength 5, Dexterity 3, Constitution 4, Intelligence 2, Perception 4, Willpower 3

Ability Scores: Muscle 16, Combat 15, Brains 6

Life Points: 50

Drama Points: 1

Special Abilities: Emotional Problems (Cruel), Iron Mind (immune to psychic attacks), Unattractive (2)


Name Score Damage Notes

Dodge 15 — Defence action

Grapple 17 — Resisted by Dodge

Kick 14 12 Bash

Punch 15 10 Bash





Sea Devils - The Sea Devils (3rd Doctor) and Warriors of the Deep (5th Doctor)

The Sea Devils are amphibious reptilian humanoids. Related to the land-based Silurians, they lived on prehistoric Earth in a technologically advanced civilisation. When an asteroid came too close to the Earth millions of years ago both the Sea Devils and the Silurians went into deep hibernation until the atmosphere was safe again. But the asteroid became the Moon and never left the Earth's orbit, so their equipment did not wake them.

The Sea Devils

In the late 20th century, a colony is revived by construction work being carried out by the Royal Navy. The Master, imprisoned nearby and knowing of the existance of the colony from files stolen from the Time Lords, manipulates them into aiding his escape and encourages their attacks on humanity. The Doctor tries to encourage a peaceful outcome but, after a politician orders an attack on their underwater base, the Sea Devils decide to go to war and the Doctor is forced to destroy their base. The Master and the Doctor escape just in time.

Warriors of the Deep

In 2084 three Silurians revive the Sea Devils in a second attempt to reclaim Earth from the humans. After their earlier betrayals at the hands of humans, the Silurians intend to commit genocide. They plan to launch proton missiles into space from Sea Base Four which will trigger a war which will wipe out humanity. The Doctor uses ultra-violet light to destroy the reptiles' giant electrified sea monster, the Myrka, then reluctantly suggests using hexachromite gas to kill the remaining invaders. All the reptiles are killed, and the Doctor sadly says, "There should have been another way..."


Sharaz Jek




The Slitheen

The Forest of Cheem

A race of humanoid, intelligent trees descended from genetically engineered Terran stock.







The Record of Rassilon and the Vampire War.


Yeti - The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear (2nd Doctor)

Although they look like huge hairy creatures, they are actually robots who serve a Great Intelligence and are controlled by a metal sphere hidden in their chests. The robots' power source was turned off when they were not required so they would stand around motionless until needed. The Doctor describes the Intelligence as "a sort of formless, shapeless thing, floating about in space like a cloud of mist only with a mind and will.

The Abominable Snowmen

The Intelligence has possed the body of the High Lama of a Himalayan monastery and plans to create a material form for itself and take over the Earth. Whilst in the body of Padmasambhava, the Intelligence displayed various psionic powers, including telekinesis and teleportation, as well as prolonging the lama's life for over 300 years. However, none of these powers are seen with the Intelligence's other hosts.


The Web of Fear

The London Underground is overrun by Yeti



The Intelligence attempts to invade the Internet from the mainframe of a London University. It transforms psychically sensitive students into cyborg Yeti to help it. It is driven off by UNIT, Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart, Sarah Jane Smith and Victoria Waterfield, whom it had tricked into being one of its agents.


Zarbi - The Web Planet (1st Doctor)

They are human-sized ant-like creatures who communicate with high-pitched chirping sounds and are ruled by a 'queen'. They are able to control people by using gold harnesses that are worn around the neck.

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Zygons - Terror of the Zygons (4th Doctor)

The Zygons have left their home planet because of solar flares and are planning to take over the Earth. Their spaceship is hidden at the bottom of Loch Ness. They are ruthless warriors with sibilant voices and shapeshifting abilities.

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List of Doctor Who planets

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