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Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 6 months ago

Warlock: Should we include the books? What about the Fox TV movie?


Derek: If you're going to include Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor, at the very least, you must include the TV movie. I haven't read the books so I have nothing to say about them. (so are we the only ones working on this, then?)


Warlock: Ok, the Fox TV movie it is. I know a few people that might help with the books.

Yeah, so far it might just be me and you, but that is no big deal, I plan to start recruiting some more and getting the word out. Part of the fun in this was seeing how it would grow. BTW thanks for all your contributions so far! I am in the middle of a "Chill" game now, once that is done I'll be adding more.


Feena: Some DW fans are definate that the books aren't canon and therefore don't count, only the TV episodes and film do.


Warlock: Thanks Feena! Hmmm... that does lend a problem of what to do about the 8th Doctor. Ok. Ignore the books for now I say.


Feena: I've only ever played Playstation/GameBoy RPGs, I've just got a vague impression that you sit round wearing cloaks and throwing dice ;-) How will this work, will there be a choice of playing as a Doctor, companion, Master, or even a creature? What other kind of information would be useful?

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